TOTA Foam Playground for Kids with Quarter Angular Ballpit and Balls

ITEM No. :P036

Age Level: 12 Months +, 18 Months +, 2 Years +, 3 Years +
Material: Foam
Product: Foam playground
Size: Ballpit: 900x900x300 mm, Wedge: 450x700x300 mm, Halfshaft: 450x550x100 mm, Ramp: 450x550x300 mm, Steps: 450x400x300 mm
Colour: Light Grey

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Foam play set with ballpit, foam play bricks and balls for children
This unique soft play set will effectively stimulate children's imagination and influence creative thinking. A set of toys, consisting of balls, a pool and soft elements, can be used for ordinary play, exercise or building various structures.

Details of the set:
Ballpit 200/300 + Version 4 - Wedge/Halfshaft/Ramp/Steps

Product dimensions:

  • Ballpit: 900x900x300 mm
  • Wedge: 450x700x300 mm
  • Halfshaft: 450x550x100 mm
  • Ramp: 450x550x300 mm
  • Steps: 450x400x300 mm
  • There are 300 balls on the photo.
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